Cherry Hill Mall

$ 5,000,000.00 interior demolition ( 250,000 s.f.) of active Mall Including total demolition and backfill of anchor store. Completed for Torcon (G.C.) in 2007.

Harrah’s Casino

$ 1,500,00.00 interior demolition of operating casino including removal of 40 stories of exterior pre-cast panels. Completed in 2007.


$ 4,500,000,00 interior demolition of existing Inquirer building including removal of 3,000 tons of printing presses. Completed for Turner Construction in 2005

Princeton, Firestone Library

$ 5,000,000.00 interior demolition of active Historic Princeton University Library Building completed in 2018 for Masimmino Construction Co

CHOP South Tower

$ 3,000.000.00 Façade Removal and Interior demolition in active Chop Hospital in Phila PA. completed for L.F. Driscoll Company in 2006.

Chester PECO Power Plant

$ 5,500,000.00 Demolition and removal of Boilers, Turbines, Stacks and Building construction while leaving exterior walls intact.Project generated 15,000 tons of steel and 35,000 c.y of concrete and masonry. Completed for owner in 2004

Corporate Plaza (Allentown)

$ 1,000,000.00 Implosion of 7-story office building in downtown Allentown Pa. Building was slipping into a sink hole and was successfully demolished ( imploded) and removed in 1994 for owner.

Phila Museum of Art

$ 6,000,000.00 interior and structural demolition in active Phila. Art Museum. Includes removal of 5 foot thick concrete walls just below priceless works of art.

G.C.- L.F. Driscoll Company

Work is ongoing and project expected to be complete by early 2019.